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Sheri Chabot, The Color Coach of San Diego

Sheri Chabot
The Color Coach San Diego

Sheri Chabot, The Color Coach San Diego, has been a very successful entrepreneur for many years. Not only has she worked as a Color Coach since 2007, both she and her husband have established an outstanding reputation throughout Southern California in their construction businesses called Robert’s Remodel & Home Repair and The Moulding Guy.


Having toured thousands of homes, her exposure and affinity for architectural design elements help guide her decisions and paint color choices. She has a few tricks up her sleeve to accentuate certain architectural features or minimize the unwanted ones. Every clients’ home is unique and she strives to achieve the balance and feel they desire. Sheri asks very pointed questions throughout the consultation and listens very intently to gain insight on her clients’ vision. Do they envision a contemporary, clean, organic choice of colors? Are they looking to add more drama in chosen rooms? What is the purpose of the space? Is their home contemporary or traditional, maybe even eclectic? Do they display artwork that commands attention? She uses their answers for inspiration, guidance and to discern which colors will look stunning throughout.


Sheri takes her talent and craft to heart. In keeping current with the trends, she spends many hours studying various design magazines, books, resources and internet sites. She understands from her own experience that paint colors can transform the delightful ambiance of a home and plays a vital role in our overall happiness and tranquility. “My goal with every client, is to make them comfortable with the color selection process, to achieve their vision, and to be elated with the outcome once they are done painting! After all, one’s joy is paramount to my personal success as a Color Coach!


She was recognized as one of The Valley’s Leading Ladies in Valley Living Magazine in 2006. Sheri proudly joined The Color Coach team in 2007. She trained with founder, Paula DeMars, in the summer of 2007. She and Paula enjoy working together and have joined on several occasions for various residential and commercial projects. “This business is creative, challenging and rewarding but the best part is working with all of the wonderful clients!” Sheri truly enjoys working with color and is fortunate to be part of The Color Coach team!