The Color Coach of Phoenix
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Serving the Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun as The Color Coach, Joanne McGinn is a senior member of The Color Coach team with over 10 years experience. She was personally trained by Founder, Paula DeMars in Orange County, California. Joanne co-authored and created the master training manual for The Color Coach. She worked side-by-side with Paula for many years and established her own clientele in Orange County prior to relocating to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area where she is the owner/licensee of The Color Coach for that region.


Joanne’s eye for color and the ability to visualize the finished product for her clients have contributed to the success of The Color Coach. Joanne takes pride of ownership in her client’s projects and is well respected for her professional approach, efficiency and attention to detail.


She now provides her expertise and knowledge to homeowners and businesses alike throughout the Valley of the Sun. Her prior career experience in owning a landscaping business, serving as the Executive Assistant with KPMG and for the President of Disneyland insures a customer service orientated experience that is exceptional!


If you need to go from unappealing to unbelievable, contact Joanne today!